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1.5.4 is released!

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Siana Gearz

1.5.4 is released!

posted Feb 19, 2011, 10:42 PM

Windows build comes first, Linux and Mac will be uploaded really soon now.

We haven't been dead, just sleeping. Actually, not really even sleeping, but working as hard as always! This is what changed:

  • Initial Mac OS X port by Narv
  • All new and shiny Resident-friendly login
  • Hippo Grid Manager
  • InWorldz group chat "fixed"
  • Non-web group search
  • Non-web search on OpenSim
  • Wind synthesizer fixed
  • Post process shaders by Shyotl
  • Shader leakage massively reduced by Shyotl
  • Space Navigator support on newer Linux distros fixed
  • LSL llTextBox support, from Henri
  • Transparent PNG import fix, from Thickbrick
  • Oversized sculptmap fetch fixed, V2 backport, from Thickbrick
  • Initial support for Megaprims on OpenSim
  • Hopefully gotten rid of stray VC8 (VS2005) dependencies
  • Now Large Address Aware on Windows (64-bit and tuned 32-bit)

Special thanks to Shyotl Kuhr especially for his magnificent improvements and babysitting my bugs, and Narv Czervik for joining in and sitting through abuse i did to the Mac version!