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1.5.6 Release - finally!

· 2 min read
Siana Gearz

1.5.6 Release - finally!

posted Apr 8, 2011, 1:13 PM

No, still not quite ready to call it 1.6.0, but perhaps close?

  • Transferred to new toolchain on Windows - problem for people not being able to run the viewer previously should be gone
  • Inventory links disabled on non-compliant grids
  • Backported animation engine from V2, by Shyotl
  • All new deferred mode by Shyotl
  • New graphics system presets for Low (faster) and Ultra (enables new deferred mode)
  • Backported spatial partition system from V2, by Shyotl - affects performance for everyone, please report whether it's faster or slower for you
  • Map system rework - now uses fast map on SL, old-style map on other grids
  • Roleplaying: special support for CCS meters
  • LightShare on compliant OpenSim
  • Major rework of image handling and decoding system
  • Voice problems fixed
  • Minimap not cluttered up by skyboxes any longer - unless you are above them or close to them
  • Friend groups feature removed - it has never worked, not even in Ascent - will be brought back eventually
  • Sione's Media Filter
  • A few dozen assorted bug and crash fixes

Windows version is already up, Linux and OS X downloads upcoming.