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1.5.7 - featuring Avatar Physics!

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Siana Gearz

1.5.7 - featuring Avatar Physics!

posted May 10, 2011, 10:40 AM [ updated May 10, 2011, 11:45 AM ]

Changes since 1.5.6:

  • Avatar Physics wearable from Viewer 2.6, by Shyotl - we're the first non-V2 based TPV to implement the new, flexible jiggly body-parts system
  • Spell checking (port from Emerald/Imprudence), by Tigh
  • Thread safety improvements, by Aleric
  • Major graphics pipeline and texture system changes and fixes, by Shyotl - Ultra mode is less glitchy now, alpha+glow works again, anti-aliasing applies to high-res snapshots
  • Fonts are now properly hinted on Windows, making them more readable
  • Object and wearable import and export rework - Linden TOS compliant, OpenSim compatible.
  • A few dozen smaller fixes here and there.

We welcome two new contributors since last release, Tigh MacFanatic and Aleric Inglewood. If you follow viewer development, you might have heard of Aleric before, he has done magnificent contributions to Snowglobe and Imprudence projects, as well as submitted a number to Snowstorm.