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1.6.0 - Mesh release!

· 2 min read
Siana Gearz

1.6.0 - Mesh release!

posted Oct 16, 2011, 11:17 PM [ updated Feb 14, 2012, 8:24 PM ]

This release is more experimental than usually, because of being in development for 4 months without intermediate releases and most changes being under the hood. Besides, it is missing all of the wished-for V2/V3 functionality except for Mesh display, in particular Mesh upload isn't there yet. Internally, work to support multiple clothes per layer, MOAP, and region Windlight is on its way and slowly making their way into the codebase. Again, Shyotl did the bulk of the incredible amount of work on this version, contributing almost 68000 new lines of code! I believe we were the first to publish source code of Mesh support on a V1-UI viewer in beginning of August, and Mesh builds of Astra and Fronteer viewers were directly based on that. Short list of changes:

  • Mesh, visible and wearable! Does not require hardware skinning unlike Phoenix and CoolVL! Suitable for integrated GPUs.
  • Renderer updated yet again to move from mixed-pipeline to shader-only pipeline on capable hardware, analogous to V3, by Shyotl.
  • Editor support for more LSL/OSSL functions, extra WindLight presets, by Fritigern
  • A texture fetch and bake bug fix, based on code by Robin Cornelius, improvements in settings and notecard editor, based on code by Henri, and some more original fixes contributed by Player
  • Collapse button in inventory, new web-browser look based on idea by McCabe, by myself, Tigh and Shyotl
  • New grid list editor, experimental megaregion support by Revolution.

So, we have new contributors! Fritigern Gothly, Revolution Smythe and Player Dagostino, welcome :) Also, i intend to switch to a rapid release schedule again, so we can address incoming bug reports quickly. And don't let anyone tell you we're dead, we haven't been dead for a single day!

Version 1.6.0(1) fixes insta-crash on GPU drivers without GL Shading Language support (e.g. low end Intel on Windows) and apparent inability to add OpenSim grids.

Version 1.6.0(2) fixes the bulk of the graphics glitches.

Version 1.6.0(3) fixes a few dozen various bugs and adds complete French translation by Nomade Zhao and Selvone Franizzi