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1.7.1 - Stability

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Siana Gearz

1.7.1 - Stability

posted Aug 22, 2012, 12:25 PM [ updated Aug 23, 2012, 9:47 AM ]

This release concentrates on performance and stability of the viewer, with enhancements by Shyotl and myself. Can't quite promise to be as good as in good old times, but we do hope it got a bit better! Also new:

  • Log-in and general communication should be more reliable now
  • For pathfinding, region debug console, rebake button, and information in build floater have been added, by Shyotl
  • FMOD Ex sound system streaming more or less fixed, thanks to Brett at FMOD
  • New, more efficient spam-blocker contributed by Ruby and Lirusaito, ported from NaCL
  • Spanish translation contributed by Damian Zhaoying
  • Now with OS X (10.6 and up) and preliminary 64-bit Linux support, thanks to Aleric, Sovereign, and Armin from Teapot viewer

Emergency update 2888 fixes crash on music playback on windows and crash by parcel media. Other known issues are:

  • Linux64 version crashes due to in-world sound playback
  • General long-term stability is mediocre due to texture memory hoarding, but this is probably not a recent issue