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1.7.3 Release

· 2 min read
Siana Gearz

1.7.3 Release

posted Jan 20, 2013, 12:12 PM [ updated Jan 24, 2013, 9:27 PM by Liru Færs ]

This release lays the groundwork for a number of technologies which will be with us for time to come. Feedback on this release will be important to make sure our next release, for server-side baking support, is widely compatible and works smoothly.

  • Huge work has been performed by Aleric to rewrite the HTTP communication engine to hopefully resolve some communication stability issues and prepare for future Linden Lab infrastructure changes. This has been a major task and has taken a better part of the year. In case you had to turn off HTTP inventory or textures before, do try them again whether it works better for you now.
  • Graphics engine update, by Shyotl, with some clean-up by myself. Also check out World->Environment Settings->Post-Processing Effects - MotionBlur and Vignette have been added!
  • Image pipeline update and tuning, by myself.
  • Windows 8 SLPlugin issue has been resolved.
  • Snapshot system re-done by Aleric.
  • Merchant Outbox for Marketplace Direct Delivery. by Inusaito and Aleric.
  • Support for SL Large groups, new group data protocol, by Inusaito.
  • Inventory Cut support, Paste support for folders, by Inusaito
  • A lot of detail setting UI changes by Inusaito. Check out the new Adv. Chat->Chat UI preferences!

Also thanks fly out to Sovereign Engineer, Nomade Zhao, Damian Zhaoying, Naudia Nadezda, Tazy Scientist, Richardus Raymaker. SappaDallagio, WordFromTheWise, Whitestar Magic and everyone else.