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1.8.0 - Server Side Baking

· 2 min read
Siana Gearz

1.8.0 - Server Side Baking

posted Apr 21, 2013, 3:01 PM [ updated Apr 22, 2013, 6:05 PM ]

Thanks to grand effort of Shyotl, in this version we add support for Server Side Appearance. This, also known as Server Side Baking, is an upcoming system in Second Life which changes how avatars are displayed. Viewers which do not support this system will soon no longer be able to display other avatars, and users running such viewers will also not look proper to everyone else.

So, we ask all Singularitans in SL to please upgrade to this version, and to tell all your Singularitan friends to do so too!

Apart from that you get:

  • Mesh upload
  • Pathfinding controls for linksets and characters, added by Lirusaito
  • Setting of region windlight, by Lirusaito
  • Marketplace tab in Search
  • Portuguese translation, contributed by Knolan Falconer
  • Texture fetch responsiveness improvements, by myself and Aleric
  • Script info in About Land and the pie menu when right-clicking on yourself
  • Experimental ability to run multiple viewers with voice enabled (VoiceMultiInstance debug setting), by Latif
  • OpenSim features: export permission and ability for grids to add custom menu items, by Melanie and Lirusaito

Besides the usual suspects in the community, whom we'd like to thank, we welcome Melanie Milland as our new contributor.

EDIT: Installer updated because of packaging mistake. If you get "pure virtual function call" error or cannot run viewer because of msvcr100.dll missing, please re-download!