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1.8.1 - Prim Media

· 3 min read
Latif Khalifa
Liru Færs

1.8.1 - Prim Media

posted Aug 12, 2013, 1:40 PM by Latif Khalifa [ updated Aug 28, 2013, 9:35 PM by Liru Færs ]

This release brings the ability to see and interact with shared media (also known as MoaP - media on a prim) thanks to Shyotl. Autoplay of shared media is disabled by default and can be enabled in Preferences -> Audio & Video by checking “Automatically play prim media” option.

  • Some of the new features and improvements include:
    • An update to Voice code by Inusaito Kanya
    • Voice Morphing (accessible through active speakers dropdown)
    • The ability to change your own voice volume from active speakers
  • Changes to UI are exemplified here.
  • Wavefront and Collada Export by Apelsin, Inusaito, and Latif Khalifa
    • Allows export of your creations into Blender, Unity3D and other modeling applications and game engines
  • Web Profile and V3 Web Search Support by Inusaito
  • Improved, more flexible, autoresponse code by Inusaito
    • Incompatible with old autoresponse code
    • Can be configured from the Adv. Chat->Autoresponse section in preferences
  • Updated SSA code
  • Support for more types of SLURLs by Swiftkill and Inusaito
  • Chatbar command added for opening SLURLs and URLs
  • Added German translation. Spanish, French and Portuguese translation updates
    • Thanks to Avination team, Damian Zhaoying, and Sel & Nom Créations
  • Performance and stability updates in the HTTP pipeline by Aleric Inglewood
    • New HTTP console displaying current status
  • Improved support for OpenSim features by Latif and Inusaito
    • Hypergrid map support
    • High altitude building
  • UI code cleanup by Shyotl
  • Preparatory materials support code by Shyotl
  • LSL editor update by Inusaito
    • Supports all the latest server functionality with help from Sovereign Engineer
    • External editor should now behave like it does in other viewers
  • Support for uploading .anim files by Aleric
  • Add wearable export/import in linden_genepool format by Aleric
    • Shapes exported in this format can be used in Blender/Avastar
    • Shapes modified in Blender can be re-imported
  • Lists of avatars names offer right click menus for performing common actions upon the selected * avatars thanks to Inusaito
  • Miscellaneous updates to the radar by Inusaito
  • RLVa implementation updated to 1.4.8 by Inusaito
  • Scripts can now be stopped and started from object inventory without needing to be opened
  • The crash upon login at Loading World when your avatar has an lsl bridge attached has been fixed by Siana Gearz with help from Ansariel Hiller
  • F1 no longer opens help (but it still opens a browser), we are thinking of picking up v3 style help but we’d need a team like Firestorm has, volunteers?
  • New keyboard shortcuts and debug settings of interest:
    • Ctrl-Shift-E to toggle edit linked parts
    • Alt-Shift-R to toggle resetting camera upon motion
    • Ctrl-Alt-Shift-C for Avatar Rendering Cost
    • RadarRangeRadius to limit the range of the radar entirely
    • AppearanceCloseOnEscape to close appearance floater with Esc
    • AppearanceSpecialLighting to toggle lighting change for appearance mode

Our skins package has been improved and added to, it can be found here. To add all the skins, extract this package into %APPDATA%\Secondlife\ on Windows, /Users/\<username>/Library/Application Support/SecondLife on Mac, and ~/.secondlife on Linux.

Finally, thanks to all who tested the alphas, reported bugs, and requested brilliant features.