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1.8.2 - Maintenance

· 2 min read
Latif Khalifa

1.8.2 - Maintenance

posted Aug 28, 2013, 9:12 PM

This is a maintenance release that brings several fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed issues with the German translation where login notifications appeared as ‘[FIRST] [LAST] is online’ instead of showing the actual avatar name. (Melanie)
  • Updated Spanish translation. (Damian Zhaoying)
  • Adjusted handling of the export permissions. On Opensim, if the grid does not support explicit “export” permission, it now follows the rules that the original Imprudence exporter had. (Aleric)
  • On Windows, audio volume control for plugins is now working allowing gradual falloff in volume for prim media objects that are farther away. (Shyotl)
  • The crash when opening Bumps, Pushes, and Hits floater has been fixed (Inusaito)
  • “Show profile” button added on teleport and inventory offer notifications. (Inusaito)
  • Ability to show only legacy names for speakers (in Adv. Chat->Chat UI preferences). (Inusaito)
  • Legacy (pre-multiwear) wearables on some grids showed as (body part) shapes. Clothing (not body parts yet) now show with a (new) red question mark icon in the inventory, and can be used again. (Aleric)
  • When uploading animations, save the values for ease-in and -out parameters, for future uploads. (Inusaito)
  • Disable/Enable UI shortcut changed to Ctrl-Shift-F1 on Linux since the default Ctrl-Alt-F1 is used for switching virtual consoles. The same has been done for the other ctrl-alt-F# shortcuts on Linux. (Inusaito)
  • Added the ability to save textures from the inventory menu. (Inusaito)
  • Added an option to open inventory folders in a new separate window. (Inusaito)
  • Added an option to show landmarks on map (Inusaito)
  • Imported changes from Linden viewer to introduce consistent ground texture generation and fix crashes in mesh upload (Sovereign Engineer)
  • Added an option to hear speakers at the same volume unaffected by position (Tigh MacFanatic)

Again, we would like to thank everyone who has helped make Singularity better by testing alphas, reporting bugs, and suggesting useful features.