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1.8.3 - Release

· 2 min read
Latif Khalifa
Liru Færs

1.8.3 - Release

posted Sep 18, 2013, 4:45 AM by Latif Khalifa [ updated Sep 18, 2013, 5:26 PM by Liru Færs ]

This release brings fixes for a couple of crashes and several other improvements:

  • Much improved Collada exporter, which now has the ability to export textures, apply texture parameters such as repeats, offset and others to the exported UV map, combine prim faces with the same texture and color into one submesh and optionally skip transparent faces (Latif)
  • Restored Teleport, Pay, and Log buttons in the IM window (Inusaito)
  • Spanish translation update (Damian)
  • Fixed a crash in audio code (Siana)
  • Fixed a crash when RLV is enabled and viewing inventory was forbidden (Aleric)
  • Made the map dot color for everyone else customizable (Inusaito)
  • Fixed a problem with long teleports in OpenSim (“4096 bug” SVC-2941 FIRE-11593 ) (Latif)
  • New debug settings (Inusaito)
    • ResetViewTurnsAvatar allows preventing avatar turning when camera position is reset after zooming (addresses VWR-27956)
    • LiruNewMessageSound allows users to mark a specific chat session important, so “ding” sound is played for every message, not just when the conversation first starts.
    • NewIMsPerConversation when set will count number of new IM conversations, not just total number of new IM messages when the communicate window is closed.
      • NewIMsPerConversationReset allows new IMs button’s visibility to be reset when the communicate window has been opened and closed
    • LogShowHistoryLines allows setting the number of lines displayed in a new IM window from the previous conversation (Aleric)

Big thanks to everyone who has helped make Singularity better by testing alphas, reporting bugs, and suggesting useful features.