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1.8.4 - Release

· 3 min read
Latif Khalifa

1.8.4 - Release

posted Nov 14, 2013, 11:23 AM [ updated Nov 16, 2013, 11:25 AM ]

Singularity now supports display of object materials and the enhancements to the particle system (glowing and ribbon particles). This release also adds a native Windows 64-bit support and a host of new features and bug fixes:

  • Merged support for materials and the new particle system capabilities. Enhanced and improved the performance of these features. (Shyotl)
    • Added setting 'SHAlwaysSoftenShadows' to soften shadows when SSAO isn't enabled.
    • Materials UI (Lirusaito) with some enhancements from Firestorm (Cinder Roxley).
      • Thanks to Ansariel for fixing a bug before it ever plagued us!
  • Freeze avatar while selecting attachments (Lirusaito, originally by Chalice Yao)
  • Support for variable-size regions for AuroraSim and (upcoming) OpenSim. Based on Firestorm version of the patch. (Lirusaito, Latif)
  • Added a menu toggle item at Advanced > UI > Show FPS. (SLB Wirefly)
  • Advanced -> Rendering -> Animate Trees re-enables Linden trees waving in the wind. (SLB)
  • Improved the reliability of the texture cache. (Shyotl)
  • Spanish translation updates. (Damian)
  • French translation updates. (Nomade)
  • Clicking on clock toggles display of local time. (Lirusaito)
  • Added support for GetMesh2 capability allowing for faster download of meshes. (Aleric)
  • Ability to show Whisper, Chat and Shout range rings on the MiniMap. (SLB)
    • Rings can be toggled by right clicking on the MiniMap
    • Made the chat rings aware of OpenSim chat range settings. (Lirusaito)
      • Thanks to Diva Canto for serverside support!
  • Implemented right click option on MiniMap to hide or show objects. (Jayden Beresford)
    • Added MiniMapPrimMaxAltitudeDelta and MiniMapPrimMaxAltitudeDeltaOwn debug settings which allow customization of which objects are shown on the mini-map based on proximity. (Lirusaito)
  • Fixed an issue with teleport failures and saving scripts taking a very long time on OpenSim regions run in the same simulator instance such as mega-regions (Aleric)
  • Allow typing grid login url directly into the grid field on the login panel without the need to open the grid manager. (Lirusaito)
  • Added Google Breakpad crash reporting system. (Latif)
    • By default the viewer will ask if the crash report should be sent to the Singularity Development Team in case the last run has crashed. This behaviour can be changed in Preferences -> General -> Crash reports where it can be permanently disabled or enabled. We encourage the users to send in these reports and help make Singularity more stable.
  • Use built-in web browser for displaying chat logs, making it cross-platform. (Lirusaito)
    • The old way is available for use on Windows via a checkbox in Adv. Chat UI
  • Fixed crashes on copy/paste operations on some Linux desktops (Aleric, Latif)
  • Focus depth of field under cursor in flycam. (Adeon Writer)
  • Several improvements of the instant message panels. (Lirusaito)
  • Add silent keep/discard inventory offer buttons adopted from Phoenix code. (SLB)
  • Audio engine improvements and bug fixes. (Shyotl)
  • Backported fixes for crashes when using the latest ATI drivers. (Siana)
  • Native 64-bit Windows support (Latif)