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1.8.5 - Release

· 4 min read
Liru Færs

1.8.5 - Release

posted Jan 28, 2014, 5:01 PM [ updated Jan 28, 2014, 8:24 PM ]

Siana added a new way to move around the virtual worlds by using a mouse. Clicking on your avatar and holding the left mouse button pressed already allows you to look around when mouse is moved. Now, while still keeping the left mouse pressed, you can press and hold the right mouse button which will let you move around just using a mouse. This works on both walking and flying mode.

Thanks to Shyotl, this release also brings significant performance improvements for the rendering engine. Support for “Fitted Mesh” has been merged allowing better fitting mesh garments. For more details, see this post. Creating this new type of mesh is explained on the wiki.

  • Fixes to shader compilation problems and standards compliance issues (Andros Baphomet)
  • Merged new revoke animations functionality (Sovereign Engineer)
  • Added enhanced support for Nvidia cards (NVAPI) which among other things allows automatic use of discrete GPU in dual GPU systems (Sovereign Engineer)
  • Allow alt-camming and terrain parcel selection from farther away, easing tasks such as partitioning regions and zooming around (Latif, Lirusaito)
  • Enhanced support for Intel GPUs on Linux (Siana)
  • Underwater shadows (Shyotl)
  • Fixed a crash often experienced on OpenSim grid where the server would provide an invalid HTTP response (Aleric)
  • Entering login URLs in the Grid Manager made more robust (Aleric)
  • Prevent modifications of stock grid in the Grid Manager that could leave the viewer non-functional (Siana)
  • Increase HTTPS connection timeouts which should improve the reliability on low-end machines (Aleric)
  • French translation updates (Nomade)
  • Initial work on Italian translation (Druskus)
  • Fixed closing of the pay floater (Siana)
  • CrashReportID debug setting will store the ID of the last crash reported to the Singularity Crash Processing System (Latif)
  • Fixed issue 1264: “Vacant lines in Friends list” (Lirusaito)
  • SSAO separated into its own shader allowing speed optimization by running it at a lower-than-native framebuffer resolution (Shyotl)
  • Display cost per sq. m. for parcels on sale on the map (Lirusaito)
  • Several improvements to the performance of the rendering engine (Shyotl)
  • Fixed issues where editing attachments would permanently freeze the avatar (Aleric)
  • Fixed a crash when handling attachments that was one of the leading causes of problems on OpenSim (Aleric)
  • Prevent deleting cache folder on startup when it’s set to a non-standard location (Aleric)
  • Correctly inform the simulator about the bandwidth setting in Preferences -> Network (Latif)
  • Improved performance of glow and ribbon particles (Shyotl)
  • Removed calls to fixed function OpenGL calls when shaders are enabled (Shyotl)
  • Merged Fitted Mesh changes (Latif)
  • Allow customize appearance floater to be resized (Lirusaito)
  • Mouselook Enhancements (Lirusaito)
    • Mouselook UI toggles - Decide which parts of UI to show when in mouselook
      • Input & Camera-> UI Hidden in mouselook section
    • Ability to alt-tab and maintain mouselook
  • View->Reset Camera Preset Angle to Default option added for undoing changes made to camera angle by ctrl and/or shift+scrolling (Lirusaito)
    • The option to change camera angle through this method is now off by default
    • If your camera angle had been messed up in the last release, this option can spare you a full reset
  • Focus Next/Previous in radar will now cycle back to the top/bottom when it reaches there. (Lirusaito)
  • Fixed inability to change media settings for an already applied media texture unless media texture is removed and reapplied. (MATBUG-240) (Lirusaito)
  • Fix last online being a zeroed out date when it should show up as unknown (Lirusaito)
  • Fix Toggle Mute not working from the menus shown when right clicking avatar names from a list (Lirusaito)
  • Fix delete key not working in some cases when typing (Lirusaito)
  • Added new lsl functions: llScaleByFactor, llGetMinScaleFactor, and llGetMaxScaleFactor (Lirusaito)
  • To Linux Users: When you update to this version, your graphics preferences will reset! If you value them, make a screenshot before you run the new version. This is brought on by a change made to better identification of graphics cards.

The Singularity development team would like to thank everyone who has helped make Singularity better by testing alphas, reporting bugs, and suggesting great features.