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Latif Khalifa
Liru Færs

1.8.1 - Prim Media

posted Aug 12, 2013, 1:40 PM by Latif Khalifa [ updated Aug 28, 2013, 9:35 PM by Liru Færs ]

This release brings the ability to see and interact with shared media (also known as MoaP - media on a prim) thanks to Shyotl. Autoplay of shared media is disabled by default and can be enabled in Preferences -> Audio & Video by checking “Automatically play prim media” option.

  • Some of the new features and improvements include:
    • An update to Voice code by Inusaito Kanya
    • Voice Morphing (accessible through active speakers dropdown)
    • The ability to change your own voice volume from active speakers
  • Changes to UI are exemplified here.
  • Wavefront and Collada Export by Apelsin, Inusaito, and Latif Khalifa
    • Allows export of your creations into Blender, Unity3D and other modeling applications and game engines
  • Web Profile and V3 Web Search Support by Inusaito
  • Improved, more flexible, autoresponse code by Inusaito
    • Incompatible with old autoresponse code
    • Can be configured from the Adv. Chat->Autoresponse section in preferences
  • Updated SSA code
  • Support for more types of SLURLs by Swiftkill and Inusaito
  • Chatbar command added for opening SLURLs and URLs
  • Added German translation. Spanish, French and Portuguese translation updates
    • Thanks to Avination team, Damian Zhaoying, and Sel & Nom Créations
  • Performance and stability updates in the HTTP pipeline by Aleric Inglewood
    • New HTTP console displaying current status
  • Improved support for OpenSim features by Latif and Inusaito
    • Hypergrid map support
    • High altitude building
  • UI code cleanup by Shyotl
  • Preparatory materials support code by Shyotl
  • LSL editor update by Inusaito
    • Supports all the latest server functionality with help from Sovereign Engineer
    • External editor should now behave like it does in other viewers
  • Support for uploading .anim files by Aleric
  • Add wearable export/import in linden_genepool format by Aleric
    • Shapes exported in this format can be used in Blender/Avastar
    • Shapes modified in Blender can be re-imported
  • Lists of avatars names offer right click menus for performing common actions upon the selected * avatars thanks to Inusaito
  • Miscellaneous updates to the radar by Inusaito
  • RLVa implementation updated to 1.4.8 by Inusaito
  • Scripts can now be stopped and started from object inventory without needing to be opened
  • The crash upon login at Loading World when your avatar has an lsl bridge attached has been fixed by Siana Gearz with help from Ansariel Hiller
  • F1 no longer opens help (but it still opens a browser), we are thinking of picking up v3 style help but we’d need a team like Firestorm has, volunteers?
  • New keyboard shortcuts and debug settings of interest:
    • Ctrl-Shift-E to toggle edit linked parts
    • Alt-Shift-R to toggle resetting camera upon motion
    • Ctrl-Alt-Shift-C for Avatar Rendering Cost
    • RadarRangeRadius to limit the range of the radar entirely
    • AppearanceCloseOnEscape to close appearance floater with Esc
    • AppearanceSpecialLighting to toggle lighting change for appearance mode

Our skins package has been improved and added to, it can be found here. To add all the skins, extract this package into %APPDATA%\Secondlife\ on Windows, /Users/\<username>/Library/Application Support/SecondLife on Mac, and ~/.secondlife on Linux.

Finally, thanks to all who tested the alphas, reported bugs, and requested brilliant features.

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Siana Gearz

1.8.0 - Server Side Baking

posted Apr 21, 2013, 3:01 PM [ updated Apr 22, 2013, 6:05 PM ]

Thanks to grand effort of Shyotl, in this version we add support for Server Side Appearance. This, also known as Server Side Baking, is an upcoming system in Second Life which changes how avatars are displayed. Viewers which do not support this system will soon no longer be able to display other avatars, and users running such viewers will also not look proper to everyone else.

So, we ask all Singularitans in SL to please upgrade to this version, and to tell all your Singularitan friends to do so too!

Apart from that you get:

  • Mesh upload
  • Pathfinding controls for linksets and characters, added by Lirusaito
  • Setting of region windlight, by Lirusaito
  • Marketplace tab in Search
  • Portuguese translation, contributed by Knolan Falconer
  • Texture fetch responsiveness improvements, by myself and Aleric
  • Script info in About Land and the pie menu when right-clicking on yourself
  • Experimental ability to run multiple viewers with voice enabled (VoiceMultiInstance debug setting), by Latif
  • OpenSim features: export permission and ability for grids to add custom menu items, by Melanie and Lirusaito

Besides the usual suspects in the community, whom we'd like to thank, we welcome Melanie Milland as our new contributor.

EDIT: Installer updated because of packaging mistake. If you get "pure virtual function call" error or cannot run viewer because of msvcr100.dll missing, please re-download!

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Siana Gearz

1.7.3 Release

posted Jan 20, 2013, 12:12 PM [ updated Jan 24, 2013, 9:27 PM by Liru Færs ]

This release lays the groundwork for a number of technologies which will be with us for time to come. Feedback on this release will be important to make sure our next release, for server-side baking support, is widely compatible and works smoothly.

  • Huge work has been performed by Aleric to rewrite the HTTP communication engine to hopefully resolve some communication stability issues and prepare for future Linden Lab infrastructure changes. This has been a major task and has taken a better part of the year. In case you had to turn off HTTP inventory or textures before, do try them again whether it works better for you now.
  • Graphics engine update, by Shyotl, with some clean-up by myself. Also check out World->Environment Settings->Post-Processing Effects - MotionBlur and Vignette have been added!
  • Image pipeline update and tuning, by myself.
  • Windows 8 SLPlugin issue has been resolved.
  • Snapshot system re-done by Aleric.
  • Merchant Outbox for Marketplace Direct Delivery. by Inusaito and Aleric.
  • Support for SL Large groups, new group data protocol, by Inusaito.
  • Inventory Cut support, Paste support for folders, by Inusaito
  • A lot of detail setting UI changes by Inusaito. Check out the new Adv. Chat->Chat UI preferences!

Also thanks fly out to Sovereign Engineer, Nomade Zhao, Damian Zhaoying, Naudia Nadezda, Tazy Scientist, Richardus Raymaker. SappaDallagio, WordFromTheWise, Whitestar Magic and everyone else.

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Siana Gearz
Latif Khalifa

1.7.2 - Crash fixes

posted Sep 16, 2012, 10:48 AM by Siana Gearz [ updated May 26, 2013, 3:48 PM by Latif Khalifa ]

This time, no new features. We tried our best not to break anything and only fix prevalent crash issues.

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Siana Gearz

1.7.1 - Stability

posted Aug 22, 2012, 12:25 PM [ updated Aug 23, 2012, 9:47 AM ]

This release concentrates on performance and stability of the viewer, with enhancements by Shyotl and myself. Can't quite promise to be as good as in good old times, but we do hope it got a bit better! Also new:

  • Log-in and general communication should be more reliable now
  • For pathfinding, region debug console, rebake button, and information in build floater have been added, by Shyotl
  • FMOD Ex sound system streaming more or less fixed, thanks to Brett at FMOD
  • New, more efficient spam-blocker contributed by Ruby and Lirusaito, ported from NaCL
  • Spanish translation contributed by Damian Zhaoying
  • Now with OS X (10.6 and up) and preliminary 64-bit Linux support, thanks to Aleric, Sovereign, and Armin from Teapot viewer

Emergency update 2888 fixes crash on music playback on windows and crash by parcel media. Other known issues are:

  • Linux64 version crashes due to in-world sound playback
  • General long-term stability is mediocre due to texture memory hoarding, but this is probably not a recent issue

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Siana Gearz

1.7.0 - Multi-Wear release!

posted Jul 16, 2012, 7:11 AM [ updated Jul 16, 2012, 8:45 PM ]

After a super long wait, we present you the most often requested feature ever, ability to wear multiple of the same clothes layer. Most useful for alpha layers, which you'll need if you wear multiple rigged meshes! Right now we're the one and only viewer with V1 based UI to make it in the most future-proof and Viewer 3 compatible manner - Current Outfit Folder is fully supported and you can change between other modern viewers and Singularity without messing up your looks! The bulk of this work has been done by Shyotl. Also in this release:

  • General graphics engine update, by Shyotl and myself, based on current Viewer 3.
  • Region Windlight support, by myself, partially based on work by Kadah Coba.
  • New sound system FMOD Ex integrated by Shyotl - check out all new Singularity -> Streaming Audio Display!
  • Sound bugs fixed. Unfortunately, Aurora Var-size region support had to be dropped in the process.
  • RLVa partially updated, by myself and Shyotl, to version 1.4.
  • Holding Shift while crouching will work as crouch toggle, by myself and Inusaito Kanya.
  • Aiming mode - in mouselook, hold right mouse button and scroll the wheel, by Sovereign Engineer
  • New build preferences, by Inusaito Kanya
  • Radar now indicates gesture/sound/particle/animation spam, taken from Avination viewer, by Fractured Crystal
  • LSL editor update by Latif Khalifa, including external editor support.

Huge thanks fly out to everyone who joined us during testing and development! Latif Khalifa provided us with infrastructure and encouragement which proved vital! nhede Core educated us on texture fetch issues, Sovereign Engineer did an incredible lot of fixing and component updates, and Inusaito Kanya did a lot of UI realignment after it went out of whack because of newer UI libraries. Aleric Inglewood, Cale Flanagan and Tigh MacFanatic also did some fixing, and Nomade Zhao and Selvone Franizzi have been assisting with French translation and testing.

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Siana Gearz

Beware of the advertisement

posted Jul 1, 2012, 10:36 PM [ updated Jul 1, 2012, 10:41 PM ]

I have received two reports that the advertisement box on the left, below the donation button, would contain a fake generic download button. This would make people think, that's where they could download Singularity. Instead, they got a load of spyware - people would be asked to download 7Zip installer which has multiple instances of spyware in it. Note, original 7Zip installer from is clean and does NOT contain any spyware, so it has been added extra by malicious people. We are not responsible for the contents of advertisement boxes, the advertisements are chosen for us by Google. There are two possibilities of what could have happened:

  1. Possibly, Google cocked up and missed a malicious advert. We don't get to see in advance what kinds of advertisements are served, and there are tens of thousands that Google chooses from, so there is no chance on our end to prevent this.
  2. Perhaps, the persons affected already have spyware on their computers. Some malicious software modifies internet traffic, removing legit and safe advertisements and replacing them with malicious ones.

In either case, either if you're repeatedly seeing a Download button in the advertisement box, or if you had seen one before, clicked on it and installed garbage, perhaps it's not the worst idea to get cleaned up. Best possibility is to restore prior state from a backup. If you can't do that, second best thing, is to use spyware removal tool. Here's the tool which seems most mature and most popular at the moment, all the while being not too harmful, but be aware nonetheless that any tool of this kind can damage your system:

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Free Edition

When you want to download Singularity, please do so from our Download section, and if you have ideas to make the site more straightforward and less prone to such abuse, do send suggestions.

P.S. We aren't dead, We're working.

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Siana Gearz

1.6.0 - Mesh release!

posted Oct 16, 2011, 11:17 PM [ updated Feb 14, 2012, 8:24 PM ]

This release is more experimental than usually, because of being in development for 4 months without intermediate releases and most changes being under the hood. Besides, it is missing all of the wished-for V2/V3 functionality except for Mesh display, in particular Mesh upload isn't there yet. Internally, work to support multiple clothes per layer, MOAP, and region Windlight is on its way and slowly making their way into the codebase. Again, Shyotl did the bulk of the incredible amount of work on this version, contributing almost 68000 new lines of code! I believe we were the first to publish source code of Mesh support on a V1-UI viewer in beginning of August, and Mesh builds of Astra and Fronteer viewers were directly based on that. Short list of changes:

  • Mesh, visible and wearable! Does not require hardware skinning unlike Phoenix and CoolVL! Suitable for integrated GPUs.
  • Renderer updated yet again to move from mixed-pipeline to shader-only pipeline on capable hardware, analogous to V3, by Shyotl.
  • Editor support for more LSL/OSSL functions, extra WindLight presets, by Fritigern
  • A texture fetch and bake bug fix, based on code by Robin Cornelius, improvements in settings and notecard editor, based on code by Henri, and some more original fixes contributed by Player
  • Collapse button in inventory, new web-browser look based on idea by McCabe, by myself, Tigh and Shyotl
  • New grid list editor, experimental megaregion support by Revolution.

So, we have new contributors! Fritigern Gothly, Revolution Smythe and Player Dagostino, welcome :) Also, i intend to switch to a rapid release schedule again, so we can address incoming bug reports quickly. And don't let anyone tell you we're dead, we haven't been dead for a single day!

Version 1.6.0(1) fixes insta-crash on GPU drivers without GL Shading Language support (e.g. low end Intel on Windows) and apparent inability to add OpenSim grids.

Version 1.6.0(2) fixes the bulk of the graphics glitches.

Version 1.6.0(3) fixes a few dozen various bugs and adds complete French translation by Nomade Zhao and Selvone Franizzi

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Siana Gearz

1.5.10 - rolling release

posted Jul 31, 2011, 12:46 PM

It's now out for all three systems. This was supposed to be a bug-fix release, unfortunately it seems to have new bugs too as of 1.5.10(1), so it will again be a rolling release, updated as it gets fixed.

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Siana Gearz

People have been begging...

posted Jul 17, 2011, 1:49 PM [ updated Jul 20, 2011, 12:00 PM ]

So here it is. We have NO intention of letting this viewer die. We will have mesh - can't promise it'll be quite in time, but it will be there soon. As for other changes which can impact viewer functionality - if it's moderately easy, we'll fix it as soon as the problem appears. If not, we wait for a few days to figure out what Lindens are doing and whether we can expect them to fix it on their end, but in general, expect us to figure out a solution to any upcoming problem, with perhaps a few days of pain in between.

Here is a more elaborate write-up on this topic.

Stay tough, stay singular!